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FOX News
Dec 7, 2013 7:00am PST
-year-old merrill newman was deported to china before boarding a plane to the u.s. he was detained in north korea back in october for what the country called hostile acts that he allegedly committed during the core rather war. he later confessed to those crimes on video. no word yet on if that apology was coerced. and as that vet makes his way home, we remember our fallen heroes on the 77nd anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. thousands of our veterans are expected to head to hawaii today for a commemoration ceremony. the surprise attack from japan threw america into world war ii and changed history. i'm jamie colby. more headlines 30 minutes away. ♪ don't need a lot of money money money ♪ ♪ we just want to make it ♪ with affordable health care >> catchy, huh? that's the winner of the administration's obama care video contest. forget about the price tag. well, try telling that to a majority of young folks who think they're going to be socked with a hefty price tag because of the law. maybe that's why only 22% of uninsured mill len yells plan to sign up for it. gary b.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1